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About This Site and Company

Dear valued clients and guests,

     This real estate web portal was created and supported by in close cooperation with Grand Real Estate Company, a Florida licensed real estate brokerage Company which is successfully serving its American and International clientele for all their residential real estate needs since 2007.

     The main concept of the founders of this project was to create a single online source for pre-construction real estate information and new property database. We noticed that clients that are looking for new properties and preconstruction development projects are lacking information from their real estate agents. In fact, in order to purchase an existing condominium unit or single family house that is already built potential Buyer just needs to find a good and experienced real estate agent that has an access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in that area where property is desired. That real estate professional just needs to know how to use that resale property database in order to find a right piece of property for his client. On the other hand if the Buyer is looking to invest in pre-construction project, wants the property that will be ready in the near future or just in need of the condominium unit that have never been occupied by someone else before – his information sources are very limited. Most of the time the only information about the projects available was only the data on developer’s web-sites and its sales offices. Anyway, even that information was very limited and did not reflect the true picture about the future development. Builders and their representatives are always tending to show only good sides of their projects as their only goal is to sell it. This fact is not in favor of the Buyer that has no ability to verify the information furnished by the Developer.

     There were also some separate sources for new real estate with scattered and unorganized information about some different future projects in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area on web pages of different real estate companies. The problem was that those information sources were not even close to be full and complete in order to reflect the whole picture of the planned developments and the projects that are currently being built in certain city or neighborhood area. Moreover, that information was most of the time limited to the interest (specialization) of the particular real estate broker - the owner of that web-site. As a result - their internet pages contained only the information about one type preconstruction projects (ultra-luxury penthouses or waterfront only condominiums) or the information was limited to that particular geographical area were the real estate agent is marketing to. Worst of all – even the pieces of data available to consumers about future real estate projects from developers or brokers were very disordered and of description nature only.

    The portal was created to provide our clients with wide range of information about planned, currently being built or just completed residential development projects. Most importantly was to put that information into one system where potential Buyer can find, filter, sort and compare future Developments or even future units in one or several projects that are only about to be built. Our goal was to help visitors of to find particular new construction project among others based on specific needs of each client starting from basic (like certain area, deposit schedule, year of completion, price per unit or price per square foot and etc.) to a very special requests as orientation and the view of the future unit, inside floor to ceiling height, maintenance payments or estimated deposit schedule based on the unit price. portal is not limited to certain category of Buyers. Our goal is to provide you with all possible information about new construction market or particular development, its participants (Developers, Architects, Interior and Landscape Designers) and the products they build. There is no doubt every buyer wants to know who he is about to pay his deposit to, so reputation of the developer plays significant role in purchase decision. We aimed to provide that data as well to our clients on We also furnish our expert opinion about each and every project, its location, development features and future building amenities developed into professional expert rating for the easiness perception of each building by the Buyers. At the same time offers our visitors and clients to leave their own opinion about the each project and rate it as well.

     On the other hand we understand that as we provide more information to our clients and visitors the more question may arise. This is where experienced team of agents and managers at Grand Real Estate Company come to help and will make a great addition to our online new condo search portal. Our knowledgeable experts will walk you through the purchase process and will advise you on all your questions. Grand Real Estate Company also offers post-closing assistance in managing purchased properties as well as wide range of other different real estate and related services.

     For the first-time Buyers our portal has pre-sorted quick links to the most popular categories of pre-construction real estate – Oceanfront projects, best family-oriented new constructions, the best projects for investors and etc.  Other visitors may use our interactive map with cranes and keys logos to sort new constructions by the year of completion. Its  color scheme allows everyone to easily estimate how soon some areas will be build up with new projects which will add up to the values of the communities. 

     For more experienced Buyers that are familiar with the process of purchasing and investing in pre-construction real estate we even offer to purchase the future condominium unit online right from our web site.  Our “I’d like to Buy” feature allows Buyers to choose the desired unit in the particular future Development from Available inventory (which is constantly updated) or Request availability of the units from Developer right from our website. Grand Real Estate Company experts will prepare all the necessary documents and we will mail it for your signature together with the wire instructions to send the deposit in order to make a reservation of the desired unit. This feature will be very helpful to the for those who have already become familiar with the future project or wish to invest in pre-construction in Florida State without physically coming in.

     One of the features that our team is proud of and the best online tool for home buyers is COMPARE feature. People tend to compare different goods and products before they buy them – its technical specifications, dimensions, prices and so on.  If we compare watches or laptops before we buy them – we do really need to compare condominium units before we invest significant amount of money in them. Real estate purchase is always an investment, and each and every buyer wants to make sure he or she is going for the best possible and strong investment opportunity. It’s really difficult to judge the quality of investment in pre-construction real estate as there no product yet. So what do we do? We gather maximum information about future preconstruction project, location, developer history from different sources (researching public records, monitoring news reports, collecting market intelligence, and accessing information from condo developers), put that information into one database on and create a system to compare all that info. By adding pre-construction condominiums to compare mode - potential buyer is bale to analyze its location, proximity to neighboring centers, walkability, project participants, future building infrastructure, allocation to schools, pet or rental policies and much more.  If visitors decide to compare separate floor plans, they can see the differences in interior and outdoor areas of each comparable unit, prices and deposit payment structures, estimated maintenance payments, ceiling height and even orientation of the floor plans in the future building. If developer already offer units to purchase (Available Inventory) by using compare tool - potential Buyer may see the differences in real prices of different units, its intended calculated deposit structure, type of elevator that leads to the unit,  available decoration or furniture options and much more.  

     Moreover, our web portal on one side offers our clients to compare projects (floor plans and available condo units) on their own and at the same time Grand Real Estate Company specialist do their own comparison and provide expert opinion via expert rating of each project.

     Grand Real Estate company and are serving the tri-county region's 10 largest coastal condo markets -  (from north to south) as Greater Downtown Miami, South Beach, Bal Harbour / Surfside / Bay Harbor Islands, Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood / Hallandale Beach, Downtown Fort Lauderderdale and Beach, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton / Deerfield Beach, and Downtown West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Island. Our team is proud to work in these areas as we see very good quality real estate products and still moderate prices compare to other cities in the world. Moreover, Miami is the City with a luxurious and unique lifestyle and always attracting visitors and investors from all corners of our planet. It makes it exclusive. Our goal is to make a real estate purchase experience in Miami are unique and exclusive to our Buyers.


     We specialize in new and pre-construction development sales and Our web portal aims to fulfill the gap in pre-construction real estate. In addition to our expertise in new construction we have a deep background in resales (Secondary market) of South Florida properties and can help our Buyers to compare new construction buildings to resale condos in buildings that are relatively new.
     Please, feel free to explore and contact real estate experts at Grand Real Estate Company at +1-954-822-0556 (Vider or WatsApp), +1-305-918-4750 or Skype: Grand.Real.Estate.Company, email: or chat with us directly from

We are always glad to respond to all your real estate needs.

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