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Townhouses of Miami

The most extensive pre-construction Townhouse database in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas at


     Townhouse is a medium-density type of dwelling where property has separate entrance from the street and sometime even private back yard, but still has neighboring units on its sides (share at least one external wall with them). Townhouses are typically two or more floors up (even 5-storey townhomes are pretty common too).

It’s a house, but with neighbors living VERY closes to you.

     By the type of ownership Townhouses are divided for Condo (condominium) and Freehold. Condominium townhomes are governed by Condo Association where owners have to obey their rules and restrictions and pay monthly maintenance fees to maintain the common areas (security, pool, insurance, lawn care and etc). Freehold townhomes are more like single family homes. The owners are free from any condo rules and fees, but have to take care of the property on their own.

     Owning a typical condominium unit means owning an air space surrounded by the walls, whereas each exterior element is held by the community. A very important detail about the townhouse is that the homeowner buys the rights on the particular parcel of land on which the housing is built.   

     As mentioned above, in most cases, townhouses are multilevel properties vested with 2 or 3 bedrooms, Living room and spacious kitchens. The land area is not terrific and cannot be compared with a detached single-family house. However, front end and backyard square footage are usually quite enough to plant bushes of roses or set up a small fruit garden. Townhomes are great to fit in tight city space but still provide suburban “house feeling”.

The benefits of living in a Townhouse:

  • Home owner Association (HOA) or Condominium Association ensures exterior dwellings upkeep as well as uniformity. It is very convenient for absentee owners. Just pay the monthly maintenance to association. No need to manage the number of house workers.
  • The price of a townhome in Miami is less than comparable individual housing in the same area.
  • Townhomes are normally located closer to the neighboring centers compare to the houses
  • Advanced security

     Those ones, who firmly came up with the decision to buy this kind of real estate in USA, may take advantage of using our extended database. new property online catalog was built to fill the information gap in new construction and preconstruction real estate. The information we gathered is not available on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is that is not accessible to the majority of realtors. We collect all data on any future projects to be built in Florida. Some brokers specialize on exclusive hi-end sales, others on mass medium or low priced properties. We aim for any real estate that will be built soon in Miami area. This way our clients have full information on what kind of properties will be constructed in the near future and invest in the project based on their prediction of the local market. Our online database contains expensive waterfront and premium class townhouses with a tremendous number of amenities in highly desirable areas for buyers looking for ultra-luxury Miami lifestyle (like So-Fi House on South Beach). At the same time we are glad to offer non-expensive multifamily town homes good for investors to rent them out and produce stable income.

     Check out special mapping service to visualize the location of developing projects.  See the future town houses' price ranges and decide what property is right for your family, your budget or your portfolio. Our statistics shows that two-bedroom residences are in the greatest demand in Miami today.  On the other side, 3 bedroom townhouses are easier to lease out for income.

     All people dream about living in Miami, FL, but think their budget will not allow them to buy a home there. Renting a home is poor investment decision – you lose out your rent payments instead of paying of the loan on the property you can own. Buying a townhouse is cheaper option than a single family house, but still leaves the purchaser the luxury to own a piece of land  compare to a unit in multifamily building.

     We tried to make the search for pre-construction townhouse in Miami simple for you. The state of the art multi-layer advanced filter in the left column aims to help visitors to sort out the properties best fitting their needs in the database. Narrow down your search for the best options that will please either your eyes or wallet.

Why and Grand Real Estate Company?
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  4. We have an access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and able to compare all offers on the market.
  5. We just provide information to you and are not trying to affect your choice. We value your loyalty and would never do anything to lose it. We offer – you chose.
  6. At we update our database on a regular basis, so that our clients can rely on the most current information when evaluating the real estate market.
  7. We support all transactions – buying, selling, renting and more. We are in full contact with Buyers, Sellers, Developers, attorneys and title companies, inspection companies, appraisers, mortgage brokers, insurance offices, notaries, local city authorities, condominium and homeowner associations -  all the time until the closing on the transaction. Our agents walk you through entire process and consult on each and any question about the process.
  8. We are offering post-closing services for investors, absentee owners or personal residency home buyers. We can manage your home and prepare it before your arrival, visit property on regular basis to make sure its fine when no one home or deal with your renters and maintenance issues on your income properties.

     Now is undoubtedly the best time to make a successful deal on a townhouse in Florida, USA. Prices are still low, but going up little by little every day. Banks are willing to finance and mortgage rates are historically low. But the most attractive proposals are selling very quickly. So don't hesitate and research our best list of preconstruction and new townhomes, condo units and single family homes at Find the properties you like and just leave us a request - our agents will get in contact with you ASAP. We will handle it from there, lead the transaction and advice you on any questions you might have. Please, do not stress and enjoy the highest level of service at Grand Real Estate Company. Make your real estate investment in Miami townhouse today and do it wise with and worry-free with Grand Real Estate Company specialists!

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