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Owning a Smart Home

Technology plays a huge role in our lives today. Whether it's smartphones, tablets, computers or some other kind of cutting edge technology, we are certainly living in a time where there's a gadget or gizmo for everything, and our homes are no different. With all this new tech available, we now have the ability to make our homes into "Smart Homes." But what exactly is a Smart Home?

You might have heard this term bounced around in recent years, and maybe more so recently. Smart Homes are homes that are connected to a network, which allows a homeowner control over the many different systems within a house or property. They're becoming more and more popular with the continued technological advances available to the general public, and more and more new homes and future construction are including Smart systems. If you've been interested in learning more about Smart Homes and how they can make your life easier, read on for more information.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a home that provides owners a number of benefits, from comfort and convenience, to things such as security and energy efficiency. The benefit of a Smart Home is that a homeowner has complete control over the smart systems within their home, whether he or she is home or not. A Smart Home is hooked up to a network that can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer. Common items in a home that can be "smart:" appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems, TVs, computers, audio and video systems, security and camera systems and more. What's even more convenient is that a Smart Home has a way of connecting these items together so they all have a way of communicating with each other, all controlled by a single remote.

It's important to note that not all homes are Smart Homes. New construction and more "modern" style homes may come equipped with Smart Home features, but most homes do not have them, which leaves it up to the homeowner to decide whether or not to convert to a Smart system. A great benefit of creating a Smart Home is that an owner can choose what appliances or systems she or he would like to make "smart" based on availability of products, the homeowner's overall budget, and whether or not the home would benefit from a Smart system.

Why have a Smart Home?

One of the biggest reasons for a homeowner to switch to a Smart House is for the ability to have remote access to control and check on the house when not home. The convenience of logging into an app via smartphone or tablet and check the temperature of the house, or make sure all the electronics are turned off, or even to check on the family pet, is not only a huge draw, but it also offers a level of security that isn't available to those without a Smart Home.

Another added benefit of the security feature: some systems are so efficient that you may even receive an alert on your phone from your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors that something may be occurring in your home/property. Should a homeowner have the door locks on a Smart system, he or she could easily unlock the door for a child or neighbor while at work or across the country. Also, should a home's doors and windows be on a Smart system, you could be notified should one of those doors or windows open when you're not home or even asleep.

Besides security, convenience and accessibility, another reason to switch to a Smart Home is for efficiency. Imagine the ability to control your home's thermostat via your phone, or make sure your lights are off during the day but come on during your drive home from work. A Smart system offers homeowners the ability to not only control when things turn on or off, but also schedule systems to be on when they're at home in order to conserve energy and save money by dictating a home's energy usage.

A home doesn't have to be a Smart Home to make a homeowner happy or attract interest from potential buyers. Smart Home technology is becoming more available to all homeowners. As technology continues to progress, Smart Home features will continue to evolve. If you're interested in the benefits of Smart systems for your home, and you love technology, a Smart Home could be a great option for you.
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